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Mayser Hutmacher seit 1800

History of the Mayser brand

  • 1800

    Leonhard Mayser (1775-1839) established the hat shop “Hutmacherey“ on the Sterngasse in Ulm. Times were turbulent in the city occupied by Napoleon. The company´s success was not long in coming though. With its production of quality felt men´s hats, Mayser soon made a name for itself. 

  • 1858

    Leonhard Mayser´s son Friedrich (1808-1887) was left with a sizable company to take over. He and his own son, Fritz (1840-1907), were turning into key players in the industrialization of Ulm. They developed their own enterprise, assisted in the financing of other companies and introduced mechanical manufacturing.

  • 1886

    The steady growth required financial flexibility for future ventures. The hat factory F. Mayser & Son was converted into Mayser AG and thus became one of the biggest joint-stock companies in the country at that time.

  • 1903

    Fritz Mayser was an influential local politician and represented Ulm in the State Parliament in Stuttgart for several terms. From 1901 to 1903 a new building furnished with all technical achievements was erected at "Auf der unteren Bleiche" in Ulm. Here, Carl Mayser (1871-1956), a well known expert both inland and abroud, took over the management of the corporation one year before the death of his father.

  • 1914

    The Munich hat maker Anton Seidl acuired interest in Mayser AG, which was converted into a GmbH, a limited company, in the process.

    Carl Mayser and Anton Seidl became equal shareholders.

  • 1918

    Anton Seidl became sole owner of Mayser. In the following years he further expanded the company.

  • 1924

    Anton Seidl extended Mayser´s range to now include ladies hats. The company doubled its production with this important step, and could further established itself.

    Then and now, the name Mayser stands for high quality Men´s and Women´s hats. The brand was registered at the patent office in Berlin to protect it.

  • 1929

    Anton Seidl acquired the straw hat factory, J. Milz & Co., established 1833 in Lindenberg, taking another huge step in the corporate history. With the takeover of the company, Mayser had expanded production to now include straw hats as well.

  • 1940

    After the death of Anton Seidl, his son in law Curt M. Zechbauer from Munich took over the management of operations.

    With this change of management, the company was converted into a general partnership.

  • 1950

    The years of the economic miracle in Germany paved the way for Mayser´s success because: "Hats are in style again."

  • 1963

    Record production at Mayser: The company manufactured about 3.5 million hats. This was the best ever result in the company´s history. It was also the height of the entire German hat production.

  • 1969

    Peter M. Zechbauer, the son of Curt M. Zechbauer, took over the company. As one of his first corporate decisions, he introduced the production of fabric headpieces in Lindenberg. Based on the experience with hat making, the production of products other than headpieces was started in Lindenberg.

  • 1991

    The restructuring of the company caused Peter M. Zechbauer to focus the hat production in Lindenberg. Of formerly 34 hat companies, Mayser was the only one left still producing headpieces in the former "Lillte Paris" of hat fashion.

  • 2011

    Mayser moved the entire hat production to the plant Mayser-Roznava (Slovakia) which was established in 2002. The design, sales, and purchasing departments stayed in Lindenberg. What made this move so special was the fact that Mayser built the Slovakian factory itself and also qualified the personnel.

  • today

    Sales in 44 countries, 350,000 hats and 2 collections with 200 models per year - these figures make Mayser one of the leading hat companies in the world.

    Next to the traditional Mayser collection, Michael Zechbauer, the son of Peter M. Zechbauer, develops his own collection "Michael Zechbauer-style for Men by Mayser".